Say ‘I Do’ to Paper Flowers for Bridal Shower

pink blue vases paper flowers for bridal shower

Make Your Bridal Shower memorable with Enchanting Paper Flowers

Absorb the idea of using paper flowers for your bridal shower, and here’s why. You can achieve a variety of DIY decor ideas using paper blooms. On that note, if you’re the maid of honour, tradition designates hosting the bridal shower for you. Congratulations!

Hues that echo autumn, are fit for a fall-theme event.

Paper Flowers: Balancing Costs and Creativity for a Picture-Perfect Shower

What’s next? Aim to show your bride the event is specific to her, including the decor, and apart from that, a realistic budget for costs and creativity – meaning don’t underestimate the time needed to finish projects. The above is true even when you choose simple decor.

Above: Coffee filters dip-dyed in diluted acrylic paint, and set on skewers create the variegated dome of petals in the metal. You can eliminate much work by choosing paper in one colour, and adding a hue, or others to alter the appearance.  

Set the Stage for a Memorable Bridal Shower

Remember, the decorations need not be grand but feature elements of the bride’s taste and best-loved items. Colour is a straight decision, as are her favourite flower varieties, but don’t lose sight of creating a welcoming aura for guests. Choose blooms and designs that are easy to make.

Green hues can work in a variety of settings, alone or in combination with other colours, as found in nature.

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas DIY

Besides, coffee filter flower ideas abound and are among my favourite paper blooms. See the ensuing list. The ideas will stir your creativity to recast the most boring rooms into charmed spaces. Enjoy!

  • Use florals on tables.
  • Make Centrepieces.
  • Create a DIY floral backdrop or and arch.
  • Design a photo booth.
  • Bridal shower chair DIY
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Favours
  • Wreaths
Six vases paper flowers for bridal shower - varied -colours
Imagine: The vase at the top left in the image above is the original colour used for the centrepiece. Others are courtesy a phone filter.

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