Poems of Gratitude

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Poems of Gratitude: Lauding Our Volume of Reasons to Give Thanks

Poems of GratitudeLauding Our Volume of Reasons to Give Thanks celebrates the many blessings we take for granted with poetry touching varied topics. Life transition is a flowchart, apart from intent, expectation, or belief, formed from birth through adulthood, starting with the earliest phase to our leaving the earth.

Many of us grasp gratitude during one of those periods, and often, the need to give thanks spirals as we enter mid-life.Except sizable groups cringe at the m-word, viewing mid-life as a stage to dread. It’s an extreme viewpoint if you’re without first-hand facts of that life stage.

Until then, we’re running reports from prior holders. The central period of life ushers the reward of insight and, in myriad cases, wisdom. Purposebalance, and awareness become more explicit as we search for fulfillment. Each step toward our aim will meet change, bringing self-discovery and personal growth. It gets better.

In addition, transformation often occurs to a vast extent as we enter mid-life and steer the path to aging. New, refreshing, and various ventures are life constants. Although untold times, we’ll learn that navigating change and uncertainty is an order we cannot ignore.

On that account, acceptance helps us rise above losing our first choices and best-loved ways. Likewise, seek guidance; finding inspiration from people you admire or trusted sources is helpful when planning alternative life courses. As the world develops, it compels us to find fresh ways to get results, and often the fitting path is self-help.

Helping ourselves demands time. Besides, we grow resilience. On reflection, we’ll realize our identity lives within us, not in age or our affairs, and in that state of mindfulness lies empowerment. In short, we always have countless reasons to express gratitude, love, and hope.

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